Our Process

Work Process Flowchart

  1. Contact us! Our team members all have over 15 years’ experience in embedded software, electrical engineering and/or .Net web development. We have successfully completed an extensive number of projects during that time for a diverse range of industries and applications. Chances are we can help you so give us a ring or drop us an email.

  2. We will be in touch with you within two business days and after an initial contact to briefly discuss what services you require, we will send you a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement. You can then feel free to tell us as much as possible about your idea or product. The more we know, the better we can help. We offer an initial free and no-obligation 2-hour consultation to discuss your requirements and evaluate your project. Following this discussion, we will provide a cost and time estimate.

  3. For large projects and new developments, we start by writing a software design specification clearly defining the goals and requirements of your product once the project kicks off. This document is available for you to comment on and approve before any programming work is undertaken. Typically, the software design phase takes a couple of weeks although this depends on the size of the project. Approximately 80% of the design is agreed upon at the start, with any grey area being finalized (and changes being documented) as the product evolves during development.

  4. Once development proper starts, we put source control in place for your project on our server. Products using state-of-the-art technology tend to evolve during the course of development. In order to respond to such changes quickly and cost-effectively, we follow the Agile methodology in all our software development. We are strong believers in Agile software development and the benefits that it brings to clients. 

    In addition, our test-driven approach – which involves writing automated unit tests before the production code – ensures that the code is always testable. This, along with frequent refactoring, helps keep ‘technical debt’ low and deliver products of the highest quality.

    Following the Agile methodology enables us to deliver ‘slices of the cake’ – or stable, incremental releases – at regular intervals for our customers’ feedback. Each release contains a growing subset of the functionalities required in the finished product. Feature priority and release dates are agreed upon with our customers. This approach gives our customers visibility as well as the opportunity to get familiar with the product and comment on work-in-progress. It also enables the developers to implement any change required during the development cycle.

    From the start of your project until its successful delivery, we email you a weekly project update to keep you informed of cost, progress, any issue or item that requires your feedback and to outline the following week’s plan. We understand that good communication is paramount to the success of any project and want to keep our customers involved from our initial conversation through to successful delivery.

  5. Once your product is released, we add it to our web-based bug & enhancement tracking tool. This enables you not only to report issues conveniently but also to request time estimates on any enhancement you require for later releases of your product, and to approve these at your convenience. This online tool is another step towards our commitment to efficient communication and delivering the best outcome for our customers.

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